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The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies
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Kathleen Hills weaves her tale skillfully with a plot as richly textured as her midwestern landscape. Her characters—untamed, reticent, lonely and proud—are exquisitely rendered.” Publishers’ Weekly on The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies


“Hills slowly builds an enthralling portrait of life in a 1950s farming community. A distinctive and welcome addition to the genre.” Kirkus Reviews on The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies

“Hills' latest John McIntire adventure is dark, dense, and delicious--and mustn't be rushed.” Booklist  *Starred Review* of Witch Cradle


Publishers’ Weekly calls Witch Cradle  “An absorbing third mystery” and an  “illuminating tale.”


“Only when the restoration is complete can the viewer (or reader) appreciate the brilliance of the artist's vision. Hills's quiet masterpiece, including its shocking ending, lingers in the mind's eye long after the book is finished.” Publishers’ Weekly, *Starred Review* of Hunter’s Dance


“. . .this densely plotted whodunit . . . produces rich character studies of people you don't meet every day.”  Marilyn Stasio, New York Times review of Hunter’s Dance


“Crisp prose, fanciful plotting, and an emphasis on character, descriptive detail, and Scandinavian influence make this debut mystery well worth reading.” Library Journal on Past Imperfect






Kathleen Hills grew up in a down-at-the-heels rural community in northern Minnesota. She’s spent most of here adult life in the Lake Superior region, giving two environments to meld into the Mythical Kingdom of St. Adele, Michigan, the (slightly off) Center of the 1950s Universe.

In addition to writing mystery, Kathleen is a free-lance editor of both fiction and non-fiction. She lives in Minnesota and Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Contact Kathleen at: kathleenhills@kathleenhills.com

Read Kathleen’s blog at: http://kathleenhills.wordpress.com/










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